Culture and festivals

We help the culture and festival industry to professionalize their volunteer work. With our system, we can help reduce dropouts, save time, get a full overview and control and thus avoid unnecessary costs.

"The mobilise way" - A complete system combined with unique expertise

Mobilise Way - is a framework designed for those who are organizing a large or small event, or have ongoing management of part-time employees, volunteers, crew or other types of ad hoc resources. We want to ensure that you get an optimal and efficient work process - combined with a platform that meets your needs ..

The festival director

Reduced operational and financial risk

  • Mobilize can voluntary organization
  • Get all volunteer information in one place
  • Reduces risk
  • Get an overview with dashboards and reports
  • Gather the organization around a work process 
  • Easy transfer of knowledge
  • Ensures GDPR compatibility

The volunteer manager

Complete system and competence partner.

  • Simple, time-saving and customized platform
  • Full overview of recruitment, training and staffing
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Follow up on those who are not active - reduce dropouts
  • Distribute responsibilities to group leaders
  • Access to support and user support
  • Copy data from year to year

Group leader

Effective follow-up of your volunteers

  • Choose your own volunteers
  • See who is active, reduce dropouts
  • Easy communication - everything in one place
  • Know that information emerges and is read
  • Simple, fast and automated shift planning
  • Check-in and check-out on duty - compare actual time spent vs. scheduled time
  • Long-term - include data from year to year 


All the information gathered in one place!

  • Own personal My Page that gives you a complete overview
  • No download or app
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Easy to be confident in the job you are going to do
  • Decide for yourself which guards suit you best
  • Receive notification when something new is posted
  • Control your own privacy settings 

With Mobilise you get a complete platform with the tools you need, a consulting partner with experienced advisors and help / support when you need it. 


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