Automates the logistics and gives total control

Automates the logistics around registration, allocation and distribution of tickets, work passes, clothing, materials, hospitality, dining etc. Full control of everything - all in one place!

The accreditation system automates the logistics around registration, allocation and distribution of tickets, work passes, clothing, materials, hospitality, dining etc. Full control of everything - all in one place!

Dynamic and flexible - fits everything.

The accreditation module simplifies the administration of the allocation and distribution of accreditation objects. This can be, for example, bracelets, accreditation cards, food and drink vouchers, VIP tickets, accommodation, transport, materials etc. The system is flexible and can be set up according to their needs.

Integrated and automated accreditation of volunteers and officials

If you use the volunteer system and the accreditation module, personnel can automatically be assigned accreditation based on which group they belong to. You enter yourself who will have access to what, or will get which products. 

The module can be linked to the shift planner so that e.g. only persons who have sat on duty will be given an access card. You can also make rules that ensure that only those who work will be allocated food or drink vouchers. You can also override or "lock" assigned accreditations. When these processes are put into a system, the organization saves a lot of time, gets a total overview across the event, reduces incorrect assignments and has full control.

Supports all types of accreditation - cards, wristbands, QR codes or RFID

From Mobilise you can generate accreditation cards for all approved people that can either be printed in advance or directly on location. The system supports all card types and formats - and you decide what information to print on the card. It is possible to have different cards for different groups. 

If you want the distribution of bracelets, this is also supported, or you can connect the accreditation system to third-party systems such as QR code or RFID access, this can be done.

Separate application form for external (guests, partners, suppliers or similar).

By letting guests, sponsors, the press and other groups that will have accreditation apply yourself, you not only save a lot of time, but it will give you a better data base, control and overview. All applications for accreditation will be entered into a rights-controlled accreditation desk and automatically sorted into queues according to the status of the applications.

You then only need to approve (or reject) the incoming requests and the system handles feedback to the applicant, allocation of the correct levels and also prepares everything for distribution. All processes are traceable so you can see who has done what and when. 

Group applications can be collected during a registration

If you have sponsors or other groups that are to register several people under the same umbrella, you can use the system's group form. Where you can give the sponsor access to a password protected page, where they can enter the people to be granted accreditations. You can control the number of people or accreditation objects the sponsor will be assigned - so that you have control.

When the sponsor has finished admitting the people, the application is approved and all the people are awarded the accreditations they should have. The system ensures that the individual receives confirmations that they have been approved and instructions on where it can be collected. Dashboard and reports

"The mobilise way" - A complete system combined with unique expertise

Mobilise Way - is a framework designed for those who are organizing a large or small event, or have ongoing management of part-time employees, volunteers, crew or other types of ad hoc resources. We want to ensure that you get an optimal and efficient work process - combined with a platform that meets your needs ..

With Mobilise you get a complete platform with the tools you need, a consulting partner with experienced advisors and help / support when you need it. 

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