This streamlined and secured the work of the employees of the Church's City Mission

An increasing need for organizations in an increasingly digital world are systems that give employees a more comprehensive overview of the voluntary work at all levels of the organization. The requirements for privacy are becoming increasingly complex and challenging to handle, and then it is especially important that the system used meets requirements for privacy and security. For the Church's City Mission, the solution to Mobilize was an easy choice.

Mobilise met a smiling Jeanine Brenna, senior volunteer counselor in the Church's City Mission to talk about the opportunities they have been given through Mobilise's HRM system.

Brenna has a long career as an advisor for the Church's City Mission, and knows very well that no one is just what you see - not even volunteers.

Better overview and time savings with Mobilise

For Church City Mission it was crucial to have a system that provided an organizational overview at different levels.

- We had many providers three years ago when we considered which solution we should go for, but few have the necessary level division from individual activity to overview throughout the country. I would say that Mobilise was and is the absolute best at just this, says Brenna enthusiastically

Kirkens Bymisjon is a non-profit organization that is active in 50 cities across Norway, among people who struggle with everyday life in various ways. The organization has a diversity within social volunteering. With their 4,000 volunteers, they have a vision that all people experience respect, justice and care.

Brenna further says that the previous work was much more fragmented, as each individual geographical unit only had an overview of its own volunteers, and no common organizational overview.

«As an organization, we did not have a comprehensive overview » 

-An example was to find out how many volunteers we should insure each year.

Before, we often had 40 mail dialogues in Oslo alone, to gather information about who should be insured and the like. Then you can imagine how time consuming it was to gather threads and needs across all the cities we work in.


Brenna goes on to say that today it has become much easier to interact across foundations.

Having everything in one place is one of the biggest gains. With Mobilise, we have a better overview, and save time on mapping work to find out who has done what. The handover of roles, competencies, activities and tasks has become possible since everything is gathered in a common base. In addition, Mobilise meets the requirements for security, privacy and GDPR, which is a necessity for us.


Cost-saving to choose off-the-shelf

Developing a separate system adapted only for the Church's City Mission was not relevant. It is both resource-intensive and very expensive to maintain such a system.

- We chose off-the-shelf products from Mobilise, so that we can work with what we are good at and set out to do, together with our participants, volunteers, employees and partners, says Brenna  

Why can you not have the volunteers in the CRM system?

-In the Church's City Mission, we use the CRM system like everyone else, among other things to get an overview of all private donors and businesses. Furthermore, we believe that it is not intuitive to work with the volunteers in a CRM system.

"Volunteers usually do not have a good interface in a CRM system"

-We believe that the volunteers should meet in a way that is in line with how we think volunteering, and they get it through the HRM system for Mobilise, says Brenna


Less uncertainty and better insight into volunteering with Mobilise

- We have received a solution that has responded to the uncertainty surrounding privacy and privacy rules. This is actually demanding, and something that Mobilise has really responded to very well, says Brenna firmly.


Streamlines the work of the employees

In the church's City Mission, there are many businesses, and some have started better than others.


 - The feedback from the employees who have got off to a good start and actively use the Mobilise system, say that they are getting more systematic in their work. And the fact that everything is gathered in one place is very good and makes work more efficient.

"Organizationally, we have gained a better insight into volunteering in general"

Brenna further says that the system helps them to streamline communication and organize the volunteers in an even better way, and the employees say that the system ensures that they abide by laws and regulations.

"It is not gold and green forests"

Brenna says that it is safe to know that Mobilise follows them all the way, gives them time and a resource in the work of implementing a new system.

- We are many foundations and for some it is faster than others to implement the system. But everything in its time. Because it takes time, and we want to spend time and give time so that everyone feels safe, and sees the value of using it. As for some it is not immediately gold and green forests to adopt a new system, says Brenna.


Honesty lasts the longest

The Church's City Mission is concerned with good relations and that those who work with them have competence and knowledge of volunteering and the organization.


-We have now collaborated for three years and experience that Mobilise has a high level of expertise in varied volunteering, and have been honest that the first implementation takes time

Brenna also says that she values good relationships, something they have gained through the collaboration with Mobilise. 

Volunteering of the future

Systematics and care are something the Church's City Mission is concerned about, and believe that this will be even more important in the future.

-HRM - Mobilise's system can be part of the solution in the volunteering of the future, and will be able to support and take care of the system. You get some important stopping points in the enrollment phase and support the volunteer journey to the organization. It can contribute to better quality, loyalty and better communication flow if you use the system correctly, says Brenna.

Brenna further emphasizes that the system alone does not solve the challenges of future volunteering, but can be a part of success.

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